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Winter 1-3-2022


Learning Architecture, The Learning Leader, Curriculum Strategy, Learner Agency



  1. A learner’s ability to articulate their own learning struggle is a skill worth developing
  2. A learning leader’s ability to facilitate the discussion to articulate specific learning obstacles is essential
  3. Specificity about “the problem” mitigates the risk of a “poor solution” being implemented

The article presents a case example of insights from a student, then describes three observations about education/learning systems:

  1. Consider Content Complexity vs Pace of Change
  2. Be precise about assessing the defining the specific gap between expected performance and current performance
  3. Differentiate problems "learning" from problems with the "learning solution"
  4. Analyze the learning system (diagram included)

The article closes with two questions to assess established, mature, paradigms in learning systems.



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