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During Parent Day at IMSA on September 15, 2018, several parents commented to me how muchtheyenjoythesePersonalReflections. Ismiledandsaid“It’sactuallytimeformeto write another one. Thanks for the encouragement.” In this reflection, I want to share several comments I heard at Parent Day and provide an update on an IMSA priority for this Academic Year.

IMSA Proud

One parent commented to me that her daughter, a junior at IMSA, sometimes calls upon her brother, a junior in college, to ask questions about her math assignment at IMSA. Her brother, who is also an IMSA alumnus, sometimes remarks that he is working on a similar math problem as a junior in college, a math problem that he worked on as an IMSA student. As the parent hurried off to her next “mod,” she said that IMSA prepares students very well for the next level.

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