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Welcome to another Academic Year at IMSA! As I begin my second year as IMSA's President, I consider it not only a privilege to serve, but also a responsibility to lead well. I wrote my last Personal Reflection prior to Commencement in May 2015. Today, I want to provide you some highlights that exemplify IMSA’s role in developing leaders in STEM thinking and developing STEM talent for Illinois. I end this longer than usual Personal Reflection with a status report on IMSA’s budget given the current discussions in Springfield.

During my first summer at IMSA, I was impressed with how busy this place is over the summer months. To begin, summer at IMSA means celebrating and engaging our alumni. Thanks to all—alumni, friends, families and staff—who participated in Alumni Weekend 2015, July 17-19. I heard first-hand what alumni are doing and the integral role IMSA played in launching them in that direction. Celebrations on campus and across Chicago welcomed returning alumni including nearly 275 guests attending five class reunions.

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