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As we roll through May, I wonder how this month with the shortest spelling can be one of our busiest and most exciting. I am reminded of how many special events, traditions and commemorations the IMSA community enjoys in May.

I spent Friday morning attending our faculty’s CADRE Presentations. CAreer Development Reinforcing Excellence “combines performance assessment and professional growth, empowering the IMSA faculty to define itself, hold itself accountable, and become leaders in educational transformation.” I was impressed with how our presenters de-privatized their teaching practices, and I appreciated their willingness to share what they're learning and experimenting with in their classrooms with our students. I must say that Friday's CADRE Presentations provided strong evidence of IMSA as an emerging learning laboratory and I feel that by building on CADRE, we will become a mature learning laboratory. Kudos to all of our CADRE presenters—my only regret was that I could not attend all the presentations!

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