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Last week, I presented a webinar via Zoom for principals and school leaders in Puerto Rico, sponsored by the Puerto Rico Education Foundation, regarding leading schools in the era of COVID-19. Puerto Rico has 1,120 public schools serving 345,815 students. Earlier in the summer, on July 6, 2020, I presented via Zoom at a conference for teachers of PrepaTec, a private school system throughout Mexico. There were 1,300 teachers who participated via live stream. The pandemic has "flattened" the world even more. Before the coronavirus, if my schedule allowed, I would get on a plane to present at these conferences. Now, I can contribute to educators in Puerto Rico, or throughout Mexico in the morning, and within minutes, attend a meeting with colleagues at IMSA or visit an IMSA classroom. I imagine that after this pandemic is over, some things in our lives will continue to be different.

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