Message from the President


Dear IMSA Colleagues,

It’s a great honor to start my tenure as president of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. I am truly thrilled to return to my home state, joyful to be part of this exceptional STEM institution, and humbled to be surrounded by some of the most talented educators. Regardless of your role at IMSA, we are all educators to ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition. I chose IMSA because of its distinguished reputation as a laboratory for imagination and inquiry, and also a place where equity and excellence are a priority. With 18 years of leadership experience, focusing on STEM schools and progressive models of education, I couldn’t imagine another place on earth that aligns better with my identity.

Excerpt from Message from the President 7.1.2021

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Message from the President / 7.1.21, Evan M. Glazer