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Spring 2014


residential high school, charter school, Illinois, IMSA, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Advanced Chemistry, Standards of Significant Learning, SSLs, UIUC, University of Illinois, chemistry, constructivism, motivation, motivational factors, curriculum, learning environment, student surveys


Chemistry | Education | Gifted Education | Science and Mathematics Education


This article describes partnerships between an NCSSSMST member institution and a research university and the use of student-generated survey data as a means of both professional self-reflection and asking further questions. As a chemist, I have been trained to write in the style of scientists, and in fact I teach a course at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy on the methods of science and scientific writing. This article is intentionally not written in a scientific style; rather is written to convey a story of how a partnership between institutions naturally progressed into my current area of research into motivational issues of gifted students.



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