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Presented at NCSSS 2018 Professional Conference

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modeling, heart, bioengineering, arduino, heart rate monitor, creativity


Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering | Cardiovascular Diseases | Disease Modeling | Physiology


Physiology and Disease is a Biology elective at IMSA that has been developed to be mostly student-centered. Some examples of student projects include modeling heart structure to reflect function and creating LED arduino monitors to measure heart rate. Students also measure their lung capacity and blood pressure to demonstrate correlation of these values with heart rate, and trace the correlation back to neuronal controls. Projects such as these integrate other disciplines such as engineering and conform to NGSS Science and Engineering standards and NGSS Cross cutting Concepts standards. Students take responsibility for their own learning and articulate better on tests.


Video below: Arduino Heart Rate Monitors at Work

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Modeling in the Physiology classroom.pptx (25652 kB)
PowerPoint Presentation with video of Arduino Heart Rate Monitors at Work



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