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Quantum Computing (QC) is an active area of current research and technological development, receiving increasing government funding and exposure in popular media. Should we teach the foundations of Quantum Computing to high school students? If so, how can we do it effectively? This talk will present some foundational concepts of QC and survey of recent advances. Additionally, there will be a review of the available resources and activities that can be incorporated in teaching QC at the secondary or college level. The activities include Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe to introduce quantum mechanics, programming “Schrodinger worm” on a IBMQ online platform, and quantum cryptography using Stern-Gerlach experiment. High school physics teachers have developed these activities during their summer internship at Fermilab under the guidance of theory group researchers.


Presented at the Fall 2018 Chesapeake Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (CSAAPT)



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