Event Title

June’s Learning Laboratory: Cultural Competent Students Lend a Helping Hand

Session Number

Workshop Session 3


Room A131

Start Date

26-4-2018 1:00 PM

End Date

26-4-2018 2:15 PM

Workshop Synopsis

June’s Learning Laboratory (JLL) is our first step to creating a better world by advocating for a more culturally accepting society that appreciates everyone regardless of their abilities. Our innovative curriculum along with 3D printed hands will encourage high school students to have more passion for everyone on our planet.

There are several aspects to JLL that would make positive contributions to the world at large. Students will work together through social media and online resources to provide 3D printed hands to those in need and spread cultural competence to their communities. Students will learn how they can use their own 3D printer to construct hands or any other object they can think of to help other people. The 3D printed hands are from the company Enable whose website has CAD files to be used for printing. Students will develop skills to run a website and social media pages for their local JLL chapter.

JLL chapters will create different teams for students to lead. Students will gain valuable experience learning how to collaborate with others because each team will have student managers and each chapter will have a student director. The goal is to create a student centered experience because they lead each other, seek out individuals who need a hand or other device; JLL chapters will work with other students from around the world. Adults will advise student teams but the goal is to give students 100% ownership of the chapter.

The purpose of this presentation is to promote June’s Learning Laboratory. Audience members will have an opportunity to learn about the curriculum and understand the connection to the hand. The audience will explore the website created for JLL. Finally, the audience will have an opportunity to build a finger or hand from 3D printed parts. The eventual outcome is for the audience to understand the connections between the curriculum and hand. Audience members will not keep the extremities built.


Apr 26th, 1:00 PM Apr 26th, 2:15 PM

June’s Learning Laboratory: Cultural Competent Students Lend a Helping Hand

Room A131