Event Title

Marketing Internship


Kanishka Desai; Qooley, Co-Creator


Arts & Humanities

Start Date

22-4-2020 9:30 AM

End Date

22-4-2020 10:00 AM

Executive Summary

Qooley is a company focused on providing the best travel experience for tourists by connecting them with knowledgeable locals in the area they are visiting. The purpose of this business project was to help Qooley develop their marketing techniques and to increase the number of people that viewed their product. The business project included creating a pipeline of possible partners, finding out which categories are the most liked, creating social media content,and analyzing the Qooley website. Over the course of six months, the company provided portunities to gain experience in market research, website design, and composition, and how to connect with potential partners. During the first half of the project, the main focus was on building a strong number of potential partners for the company, which was done through a list of companies and their contacts in a spreadsheet. The second half of this project focused on starting a fan base through social media, which was done through making content for social media andscheduling when to post that content. Through this project, the company has been able to benefit from the great number of potential partners, a large aggregation of the potential of social media content, and the critique of its website. The most significant impact of this engagement was the creation of a robust customer pipeline for the company, and the creation of sample marketing email templates for each platform. The research to find business partners was done mainly done through websites with a compilation of different travel companies and from there going to those companies websites to learn more about them to see if they were adequate partners. The research for the most liked categories was done on Instagram by seeing how many likes each category was gaining. The research done to create social media posts was done by finding some of these potential partners on Instagram and using their pictures as content. From there past posts on Qooley’s Instagram were used as inspiration for the format of each of the captions. The business project was very beneficial for not only Qooley, but also myself. One of the main take aways from this project was that there is a lot that goes into creating a maintaining a small business.Even small businesses have a lot of things to take care of, so they hire interns to help them with as much as possible due to the fact that it is a lot for only two people to take care of. It is also important to recognize that the main goals of businesses are not always to sell products and make profits because the goal of some business is just to make money therefore they create a non-profit.


Apr 22nd, 9:30 AM Apr 22nd, 10:00 AM

Marketing Internship


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