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We report on the progress made within the Nucleon Decay, Atmospheric Neutrinos, and Cosmogenics Physics Working Groups since the DUNE CDR, and in particular in the period September 2015 { September 2016. This note is also intended to provide input for the September 2016 Preliminary Report of the Far Detector Task Force. We report jointly for the three WGs since they are tightly coupled. They make use of the same DUNE Far Detector for their physics studies, they share the same energy regime, and they are all characterized by random, non-beam triggers. Finally, cosmogenic events are a background for atmospheric neutrino physics, and both cosmogenic events and atmospheric neutrinos are a background for nucleon decay physics. Recent progress within the Nucleon Decay, Atmospheric Neutrinos and Cosmogenics Physics Working Groups is reported in Secs. II, III and IV, respectively.

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