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Mayor Richard Irvin has set the! goal to make the City of Aurora a regional technology hub. Poised to become a sandbox for innovation, Aurora's 605 Innovation District is partnering with world-class companies and investing in smart city infrastructure to become a leading-edge urban development hub for the State of Illinois and beyond.

What is a Smart City | As defined by the United Nations “a smart sustainable city is an innovative city that uses information a11d communications technology and other means to improve quality of life, efficie11cy of urban operations and services and competitiveness while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to economic, social and environmental aspects.''

Think-a-than | A gathering of people from a variety of perspectives and expertise, coming together to think, talk and push each of us out of our boxes to find rich and radical new approaches to tough problems. IMSA and 605 Innovation District invite Aurora youth, parents, and educators to facilitate discussions about the impact, and possibilities of a Smart City. We agree, today's youth are the Smart City citizens of tomorrow. Views of our youth are especially important when designing concepts for future urban areas and digital economies. If cities fail to address the needs and suggestions of youth, they risk economic and cultural impacts.



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