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Conference Paper/Presentation


2019 Student Research Symposium, Mississippi State University

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Methods in Scientific Inquiry (MSI)


Peter Dong, Ph.D., Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


Recent studies have shown that the simultaneous consumption of grapefruit juice and amoxicillin can cause adverse food-drug interactions. This study investigated whether or not this was true for the consumption of apple juice, cranberry juice, and orange juice when amoxicillin was taken to fight against Escherichia coli. It measured the effectiveness of the antibiotic behavior of amoxicillin and the extent to which this was capable of being affected by natural substances. Colonies of E.coli were evenly spread onto 20 Petri dishes; sterile paper disks were submerged in four amoxicillin-juice solutions and placed in the plates. After 24 hours of incubation at a temperature of 37°C, the plates were examined for a zone of inhibition around the paper disks. The results indicated that the simultaneous consumption of the different juices and amoxicillin caused a significant difference (p



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