The Student Life staff at IMSA believes that it is a student's responsibility, during the student's three years at the Academy, to reach the student's full potential in all areas of development with special emphasis in leadership. The staff provides appropriate interventions, support mechanisms, services and learning opportunities to help students reach their potential and to be healthy, ethical, productive members of the local and global communities. It is the staff's accountability to facilitate the development, implementation, and assessment of these programs and to serve as student and parent advocate within the Academy. The Student Life office is used as first line contacts and as a place to begin the process to answer questions or get help.


Conference Papers/Presentations


Leadership Education and Development in STEM High Schools, Andrea Stuiber and Katie Berger



College Latino Students: Cultural Integration, Retention, and Successful Completion, Robert Hernandez

Master's Field Projects


Asynchronous Gifted Students & Human Rights Education: A Residential Life Curriculum Guide Aimed at Supporting Subcultures and Underrepresented Populations, Derek M. Lough