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The Psychology Behind Negotiation

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16-11-2019 9:35 AM

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16-11-2019 9:55 AM

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Ram is currently a junior at the Illinois Math and Science Academy. He is an avid explorer of the indoors and loves to read mysteries, especially books written by Arthur Conan Doyle. When he does explore the outdoors he loves to play tennis and play a game of pickup basketball. He also likes to keep with current day politics around the world in order to use them as research for congressional debate. Ram is passionate about the growing field of the healthcare industry and loves to explore the new and inventive technologies that are coming out into the world. His interests lie in the health care industry and more specifically in cancer biology. In pursuit of those goals he gained experience in the field by joining an internship at Northwestern’s Robert H. Lurie building for cancer research in Chicago.

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Nov 16th, 9:35 AM Nov 16th, 9:55 AM

The Psychology Behind Negotiation