Introducing a different perspective of music

Start Date

14-11-2020 10:05 AM

End Date

14-11-2020 10:15 AM


Kevin Broy; Instructional Technology & Media Center


Chandra is a current senior at the Illinois Math and Science Academy. Some fun facts about Chandra are that she is the founder and president of Music Box Project, an Indian Classical trained dancer, and a violinist. She was inspired by a TEDx talk given by an Indian singer, which helped change how she viewed productivity. While not giving away too much, Chandra’s talk focuses on music and how it can positively unite communities. With this talk, she hopes to connect with others who share a passion for music and mental health awareness. She is excited to speak at a TEDx event because she thinks it is important to reach as many people as possible when spreading her new ideas. We hope you are as excited as us about hearing Chandra’s TEDx Talk!


Nov 14th, 10:05 AM Nov 14th, 10:15 AM

Introducing a different perspective of music