An Epidemiological Approach to Addressing Food Insecurity


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  • Identify different phenotypes of corn (maize) kernels.
  • Use ratios and sampling to determine which of two different ears of corn is most likely to have produced a given sample of kernels.
  • Use Punnett Squares to determine the genotypes of the “parents” that produced the different kernel samples.
  • Compare and contrast traditional selective breeding techniques with genetically engineering a desired trait in corn.
  • Model the regulation of gene expression in a hypothetical cell.
  • Discuss the potential role that epigentic variation may play in improving corn crops of the future.

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Plant Biology, Phenotypes, Genotypes, Punnett Squares, Selective Breeding, Genetic Engineering, Epigentic Variation, Agricultural Education, Urban Gardening, Middle School STEM


Agricultural Education | Food Science

Biological Variation



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