Half Moon



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Begin in Triangle pose on the right side and move your feet 4 – 6 inches closer. While extending the upper body, bend the right knee and bring your right hand down to the floor in front of your toes. Turn your head to look at your right foot and watch that you keep the right knee aligned with the right foot. Avoid rolling the knees inward. Breathe deeply in this position for a few breaths and focus on the balance of your right foot. Keep the space open in the low back, chest and hips. Bring your top hand down to your left hip. Check that the right ankle is rotating externally and not inward to make sure your knee is in proper alignment. Continue to focus on your breath. While keeping your right knee bent, extend your fingertips 4 – 8 inches in front of your right toes. Inhale and slowly straighten your right leg as you lift your left leg until it is parallel to the floor. Focus on the balance in your right leg. Repeat on other side.

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Half Moon



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