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Begin in Mountain pose with the feet together and parallel. Inhale and bend your right knee and bring your right foot toward your gluteals. Reach back and hold on to your right foot or ankle with your right hand. Firmly press the tailbone down toward the ground and begin to point your right knee backwards while keeping your hips squared. Your thighs remain close together so that your bent knee does not rotate. Continue to focus on your breath.

Inhale and lift your left arm overhead. As you exhale, keep the pelvis level and the chest lifted as you bend slowly forward from your hip joint. Create a slight bend as you strive to stretch the hips and ribcage away from each other. Keep the front of your shoulders rolled open by drawing your shoulder blades together. Look up toward your left fingertips. Imagine your tailbone and the crown of your head stretching away from each other. Continue to focus on your breath.

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King Dancer



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