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Begin in mountain pose with the feet together and parallel. Step the left leg back far enough so that your feet are a challenging distance apart for balance, but be sure to keep your left foot firmly on the ground. Face the right foot forward and turn out the left foot approximately 10 to 15 degrees. Make sure your hips are square and you face the direction of your right foot. Press your left hip forward as you pull your right hip back. Inhale and lengthen out of the low spine and extend your left arm forward with your right arm back. Exhale and fold forward from your hips like a hinge, keeping the right hip pulled back. Place your left hand as far down the outside of the right leg as possible without extending past your comfort range and the edge of your balance. Reopen the space between your hips and ribs by extending your torso away from your hips. Continue to lengthen your entire spine all the way through your neck. Inhale. Next exhale as you turn your head to look at your right hand as it extends above you. Keep your left hand extending down toward the ground. Roll your shoulders open so that both palms face forward. Continue to pull your ribs and right hip away from each other, keeping length in the spine. Press your feet into the ground and feel the revolving action through the spine, hands, and head with each inhalation. Exhale, drawing your shoulders away from your ears. Align your chin with your right shoulder as much as possible. Continue to focus on your breath.

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Revolved Triangle



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