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From a prone position with the chest resting on the floor, bend the knees so the low legs are perpendicular to the floor. Inhale and extend the hands back toward the feet while lifting the chest off the floor. Wrap the hands around the outside of the feet or ankles. Press the front of the pelvis toward the floor to lengthen the low back. Squeeze the shoulder blades together to open the fronts of the shoulders and chest. Exhale and lift the front of the thighs off the floor as you reach toward the sky. The knees should be no wider than hip-width apart and should not be flexed more than 90 degrees. Maintain the lift and openness in the chest and shoulders. With each inhalation, lift the crown of the head up, pressing the chest forward and lengthening the low back. Feel your breath as your abdomen presses against the floor. To exit the position, exhale and release the hands gently from the feet and lower the legs and chest back to the floor.

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