Sponsored by IMSA’s Junior State of America chapter, Zeitgeist seeks to examine the profound questions of human existence. We strive to platform the voices of the IMSA community and foster thoughtful and honest dialogue between disparate perspectives. As such, we invite students to submit pieces on politics, history, philosophy, and other forms of social commentary. Nonfiction essays, creative writing, and artwork are all welcome. Your work can range from addressing sprawling global problems from an immense, all-encompassing epistemological standpoint to exploring the ethical conundrums of copying MI4 problem sets, so create what interests you!

Current Issue: Volume 2022, Issue 1

Letter from the Faculty Editor(s)



College and Camus
Russell Deng '22



Titans’ Fall
Liam Indigo

Cover Art


Lily Song

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Editor in Chief
Yihan Deng '22
Associate Editors
Shanan Riley '23
Sofia Zasiebida '23
IMSA JSA Chapter President
Caroline Hall '22
IMSA JSA Chapter Vice-President
Emily Nakiganda ‘22
Graphic Designer
Franklin Rangel '23
Lily Song '23
Faculty Editors
Dr. Lee W. Eysturlid
Dr. Sheila Wille
Technical Advisor
Jean Bigger