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Lacey Thomas ‘08, recipient of the 2019 IMSA Alumni Titan Award, has given back to IMSA in a multitude of ways. She has served on the IMSA admissions review team, volunteered with mentorship programs and has contributed to the development of culturally, linguistically, economically and diverse (CLED) students at IMSA. Lacey has volunteered her to time to ensure that CLED students have a positive self-identity by sharing her struggles and accomplishments as a CLED student at IMSA and now as a professional. She is also a Girls IN2STEM Mentor, supporter of Harambee and IMSA Carnival, guest speaker and panelist. Lacey is a food scientist who spends her time creating innovative and delicious products for a variety of customers. She originally started with pasta sauces, and most recently developed pizzas for retail and restaurant chains. When she is not playing with her food, she bakes desserts, and credits IMSA with igniting her love of baking.



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