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Mike McCool has generously given his time, talent and treasure in ways that have had tremendous strategic impact on IMSA. McCool has already made two major financial contributions to the IMSA Fund in 2003 and 2007. In the first case, he designated half of his gift to support programs and services for IMSA students and half to support IMSA’s programs for Illinois teachers and students, demonstrating his commitment to both of IMSA’s legislative charges. McCool designated his second major gift to help start an endowment (Marshall Innovation Fund), demonstrating his commitment to IMSA’s long-term future and leadership. In addition to his financial support, McCool has been a significant thinking partner for IMSA leaders, contributing ideas and questions that informed the design of IMSA TALENT (Total Applied Learning for Entrepreneurs) and the UIUC-IMSA “winning formula” partnership as well as the development of our alumni engagement strategy. He also influenced the thinking and decision-making of the Strategic Planning Team and Action Planning Team for Strategy 6 (diversified funding). Most recently, McCool accepted Governor Quinn’s invitation to attend the State of the State address in January 2010, as a representative of Illinois’ (and IMSA UIUC) Internet pioneers/entrepreneurs. McCool is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and served on the team at UIUC that created Mosaic, the Internet Browser used to start Netscape, then worked as a software engineer at Netscape. Today McCool is a user interface and graphics programmer at Aechelon Technology, which develops high-end military flight simulator graphics for search and rescue and transport helicopters primarily for the Marines, Navy and Coast Guard.



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