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As a cabinet member of the IMSA Alumni Association (IAA) since 2008, Amy Kinney has dedicated her volunteer efforts to launch and expand the College, Career, and Choices (CCC) Forums, the most prominent program alumni currently provide for students at IMSA. These forums, held multiple times each year, feature alumni panelists who share their collegiate and professional experiences and answer questions from students, providing insight to life beyond IMSA. This program not only establishes a means for alumni to give back directly to the students, it reengages alumni with IMSA and solidifies the IAA’s commitment to IMSA students. Kinney has worked tirelessly to recruit alumni, coordinate the event logistics and moderate the panels. Her dedication and leadership have made these forums a great success. Additionally, Kinney partnered with students and staff earlier this year to help organize the first Alumni Career Fair. Her efforts secured more than twenty alumni volunteers in STEM-related careers for the event, which attracted 140 students. Further, Kinney has represented the IAA at IMSA Board meetings, taught an Intersession course and participated in countless other IAA projects. Her contributions to IMSA and the IAA are always without self-promotion or accolades. Kinney’s leadership has enabled the IAA to achieve its goal of providing numerous high-quality opportunities for alumni- student connections. Kinney received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Valparaiso University and her M.S. in Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Illinois University. She founded Projects by Amy to provide consulting services to non-for-profit agencies and small businesses in the areas of project management, grant writing and event planning. Kinney is also the co-organizer of SecondConf, a well-respected Chicago- based technology conference.

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