Alumni Trailblazer Award


The Alumni Trailblazer Award award is bestowed when merited and honors alumni who personify IMSA's philosophy statement that there will be alumni who "create new intellectual worlds, cure a dreaded human ailment or in some other way significantly influence life on our planet." The outstanding achievements of these honorees will have earned national or international prominence for a groundbreaking or sweeping initiative that has redefined and improved the way significant numbers of citizens live, learn or work.

  • Yu Pan ’95
  • Rob McCool ’91
  • Ramez Naam ’90

  • 2008
  • Steven S. Chen ’96
  • Russel E. Simmons ’95
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    2022 Honorees


    Recipient of the 2022 Alumni Trailblazer Award, Joseph W. Turek '90

    2021 Honorees


    Recipient of the 2021 Alumni Trailblazer Award, Neha Narula '99

    2019 Honorees


    Recipient of the 2019 Alumni Trailblazer Award, Anna Yusim '95

    2017 Honorees


    Recipient of the 2017 Alumni Trailblazer Award, Claudia Flores '93

    2013 Honorees


    Recipient of the 2013 Alumni Trailblazer Award, B. Scott Gaudi '91