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Acting on beliefs...stepping up for IMSA. That is what you have done, and we truly appreciate your support.

Gifts and grants from the private sector advance and support IMSA program needs that cannot be funded in other ways, seed innovation and enable IMSA to pilot promising new initiatives. They also support the operations of the IMSA Fund, activities of the IMSA Alumni Association and the IMSA Parents Association Council, not to mention unexpected opportunities and emergency needs that arise. Unrestricted gifts are especially important because they provide the most flexibility for allocation where the need is greatest.

In FY04, the IMSA Fund:

Completed its three-year Major Gifts Initiative (MGI) to leverage the State's investment in IMSA as a "catalyst and laboratory for the advancement of teaching" by securing private sector contributions to seed and scale-up innovative professional development programs for Illinois teachers and enrichment programs for other Illinois students, The MGI secured $3.8 million from 55 donors. Hundreds of schools and thousands of students and educators are benefiting from our MGI-supported programs and services.

Excerpt: From the President of the IMSA Fund and the President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy



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