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Spring 2012


We are all still basking in the glow of a wonderful 25th Anniversary Gala attended by more than 250 dear friends and supporters of IMSA. It has been truly inspiring to hear alumni, alumni parents and staff proudly reflect on our first 25 years as well as share extraordinary excitement in anticipation of our next 25.

For the past two and a half decades, IMSA faculty and staff have excelled at “igniting and nurturing” creative, ethical, scientific minds through inquiry based activities, demanding rigor and close relationships. In turn the students have continuously helped us learn how to teach – better, differently, and with more passion and commitment each year. It is this partnership that has benefitted more than 4,000 alumni and hundreds of teachers and staff members.

IMSA would not be here celebrating 25 years without many benevolent partnerships. Our founding leaders such as Governor Jim Thompson, IMSA’s Founding President and President Emerita Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, IMSA’s first Board Chair Jim Pearson, and Resident Scholar Dr. Leon Lederman began partnerships with the State, with local businesses and foundations, with parents, and with countless advisors and friends. That sense of partnership continues today.

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