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Summer 2011


Just prior to becoming IMSA’s second President in 2007, I served on IMSA’s Strategic Planning Team. The plan we developed was big and bold, and when first presented, there was some concern that it would collapse under its own size. However, we dreamed big and intended to demonstrate that we could, to paraphrase Walt Disney, both dream it and do it! In my first year as President, I was determined that our plan would become a dynamic, actionable document that would make an enduring difference. Four years later, I am proud to say that due in large part to the commitment, perseverance and expertise of our IMSA strategy leaders and support of staff, our Strategic Plan has made tangible contributions to strengthening and expanding the IMSA community.

As we fast forward to 2011, it is clear that our mission thrives in the hearts, minds and actions of our community members. Not only are we living into our laboratory identity with innovative ventures in teaching and learning, but we are also making progress toward strategic objectives. Most importantly, not a day goes by without our students or staff members talking about “advancing the human condition.” In fact, a portion of our mission statement was even part of our Junior Class shirt! Strategy action plans have assured that our bold mission, beliefs and objectives are not simply aspirational words but rather concrete services, programs and initiatives that inspire minds and impact lives.

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