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Winter 2009


In just over two decades, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® (IMSA) has become one of the premier institutions of its kind in our state, nation and world. I can proudly say that Intel, a global leader in science and technology innovation, endorses this assertion by naming IMSA the nationwide winner of Intel’s Schools of Distinction Star Innovator Award. This award is presented annually to only one educational institution that has “a comprehensive program incorporating innovative and effective use of technology, engaging parents and the community in students’ education, fostering development and teamwork and delivering achievement of high academic standards.”

There is an important dimension to the Intel Star Innovator Award that is the theme of this IMSA360 issue—engaging the community in education. It takes a wide community—teachers, staff, students, parents, alumni, trustees, donors, legislators and partners—to stimulate excellence in education. By working together and combining our resources, we accelerate the creation of new bodies of knowledge, services and programs.

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