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We are pleased to share with you the 1998-99 annual report of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. IMSA's 13th year was characterized by the development of a comprehensive Business Plan to enable IMSA to achieve its vision of the future. The Business Plan targeted seven areas (Strategic Initiatives) for focused attention, development and growth. These were:

For IMSA students,

* Student Research and Inquiry

• Student Leadership Development

• Learning Standards and Assessment System

• Great Minds Program

For Illinois teachers and policymakers,

• Professional Development Programs

• Products (such as the Internet Toolkit)

• Public Policy Initiatives

• Great Minds Program

Embedded in the Strategic Initiatives was Online Learning (Learning-at-a-Distance).

The Strategic Initiatives and other important work at IMSA are designed to help us achieve two ambitious goals:

• By the year 2003, IMSA will be a recognized exemplar and a national leader in mathematics and science teaching and learning.

• By the year 2006, IMSA will be a recognized pioneer and architect in the design of a new system of learning that is inquiry-based, problem-centered and integrative and that enables learners to acquire, generate and use knowledge for the world.

Excerpt: From the Chair and the President



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