"The enrollment of our country's institutions of higher education and the work force in the fields of mathematics, science and technology do not adequately reflect the diversity of our society. IMSA provides an opportunity for Illinois to develop and utilize the talents of its young people of diverse backgrounds. This is especially important in light of changing demographic trends in our state and nation."
Stephanie Pace Marshall, Ph.D.


Submissions from 2002


Field of Dreams: examples of IMSA Central and Southern Illinois Graduates, Marti Guarin

Submissions from 2001


Reaching for the Stars: examples of African American and Latino IMSA Graduates, Marti Guarin

Submissions from 2000


Snapshots of Success: examples of IMSA Women Graduates, Marti Guarin

Submissions from 1999


Snapshots of Success: Examples of IMSA Graduates in the Arts & Humanities, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy