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Searching for a cure for cancer in the heart of a cell, analyzing the ecology of Illinois tall grass prairies, engineering Illinois products to precise specifications, or volunteering to help others, IMSA graduates contribute in myriad ways.

The vignettes offer an in-depth look at several graduates, and the snapshots provide some more glimpses. Women tell how the IMSA experience enabled them to develop confidence to meet academic and personal challenges, succeed in a rigorous academic environment, and grow with the many opportunities IMSA made available.

Thank you to Cathy Veal of the President's Office for the concept and ideas. Thank you to the following persons for information: Lisa Pena and Britta McKenna of the Office of Institutional Advancement and Public Policy; Principal Eric McLaren; Jay Thomas, Jill Mosshamer, and Dr. Steven Cordogan of the Office of Research and Evaluation; Dr. LuAnn Smith and Babs Cleary of the College and Academic Counseling Center; and Dr. Peggy Connolly of the Mentorship Office. Thank you to Jean Bigger of the Furnas Information Resource Center for cover and photo page designs.

This booklet was compiled from the results of the IMSA Alumni Survey and other records in the Alumni Office, personal communications, phone interviews, and records in the IMSA Archives.

Here are the voices of some of the women of IMSA as they embark on their post-IMSA lives and careers. I hope you will enjoy reading their stories as much as I enjoyed hearing and compiling them!



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