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Searching for the secrets in the heart of the atom, or in the genetic code that makes each of us unique, IMSA's African-American and Hispanic alumni are extending the frontiers of science. They are achieving and contributing in many fields, engineering Illinois products, researching disease, teaching Illinois students, and improving Illinois technology.

The vignettes give an extended look at several alumni, and the snapshots give a glimpse of more. Here our underrepresented alumni tell how IMSA prepared them for academic and personal life, and gave them opportunities to develop tools for success.

Series Editor Cathy Veal, Vice President for Advancement, had the concept and excellent counsel to bring this project to fruition. Her knowledge and insight were invaluable. Jean Bigger of the Furnas Information Resource Center created title, concept and montage, and with Angela Richardson, provided day-to-day consulting. Thank you for information to Britta McKenna, Juan Bustamante and Kathleen Long of the Office of Advancement; Keith Mcintosh of Student Life; Principal Eric McLaren; Dr. Steve Cordogan, Jill Mosshamer and Jay Thomas of the Office of Research and Evaluation; Dr. LuAnn Smith, Babs Cleary, and Joe Prieto of College and Academic Counseling; and Dr. Peggy Connolly of the Mentorship Office. Thanks most of all to the alumni who made the work a pleasure.

This work was compiled from the results of the IMSA Alumni Survey by the Alumni Office, records in the IMSA Archives, personal communications, phone and email interviews.

I am proud and happy to help showcase this sampling of the achievements of our African-American and Hispanic alumni, and look forward to their future contributions.



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