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The vignettes and short snapshots in this booklet give the reader just a hint of the richness and diversity of experiences of IMSA alumni from Central and Southern Illinois. Space precludes telling so many other stories, of how horizons broadened as students accepted the opportunities at IMSA.

Thank you to Series Editor Cathy Veal, Vice President for Advancement, whose vision brought these booklets to life. lean Bigger of IMSA's Furnas Information Resource Center (IRC) created the title, design concepts, and the montage. She and Angela Richardson of the IRC gave invaluable ongoing counsel. Many thanks also to Jerre Henriksen, Juan Bustamante and Jill Mosshamer of the Office of Advancement; Keith Mcintosh of Student Life; Principal Eric McLaren; Dr. LuAnn Smith and Joe Prieto of College and Academic Counseling; and Dr. Steve Cordogan and Jay Thomas of the Office of Research and Evaluation. Irene Norton of the Instructional Technology Laboratory/Toyota Video Production Laboratory contributed nature photography symbolic of Illinois' woods and fields.

Sources of information include alumni surveys, personal communications, visits, phone and email inter- views, and records in the IMSA Archives.

As ever, it is a pleasure to work with IMSA's alumni, hear their reflections about how IMSA helped them become who they are today, share their joy as they marry and start their families, and recognize their academic, professional and service contributions.



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