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We are very proud of the arts and humanities programs at IMSA. Our faculty and students have distinguished themselves in countless ways and in our Longitudinal Study of IMSA graduates, our alumni often cite arts and humanities learning experiences as among their most valuable and cherished experiences at IMSA.

From IMSA's perspective, the arts and humanities serve as a unique structure for the integration of knowledge among disciplines and provide students with a set of cultural and ethical perspectives that frame understanding of mathematics and science. We believe that the integration of disciplines, if done so in a meaningful and relevant way, offers the "best shot" at transforming mathematics and science teaching and learning. Therefore, a strong humanities and arts program is vital to the achievement of our mission.

As a result of IMSA's integrative educational approach, alumni are combining humanities, arts, and sciences in fields such as web design, law, music and business. The rigorous research skills and habits of mind learned at IMSA form strong preparation for excellence in future endeavors.

While a complete record of the awards and achievements of graduates of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is not possible, those recorded here provide a glimpse into the potential unfolding in the lives of a sampling of IMSA's graduates. We seek not to take credit, but to marvel at the goodness and genius within all children and to assume our responsibility for nurturing and liberating it.

The collection of alumni information for this booklet was a collaboration of the following offices: the IMSA Archives, the Office of Research and Evaluation, and the Office of Institutional Advancement and Public Policy. This booklet was compiled from the results of the IMSA Alumni Survey and other records in the Alumni Office, personal communications, phone interviews, and records in the IMSA Archives.

The snapshots are a glimpse of some accomplishments to dates. The vignettes offer a more in-depth look at several alumni.



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