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In the Summer of 2022, Rich Bergstrom (class of 1994) asked that the Archives store the time capsule that his class had put together before they graduated. Per the plan, the capsule was opened at the 20 – year reunion, a few things were added, and it was then reopened again at the reunion five years later. This exhibit includes selections from the time capsule, including samples of the orange carpeting, Ramen Noodle packages, the audio tape Boyz II Men (with the favorite song of the class “It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday,” and a bedsheet with everyone’s messages written on it (did somebody’s Mom have words to say about the “lost” sheet).

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For example, did you know that four students from the class of '94 won a national essay contest on the subject of an ideal prom and did wonderful things with their $5000 winnings? This story is just a part of the class of 1994's time capsule. You can read the documents yourself and view other treasures in the exhibit "Remembering '94" next to the Archives in the library.

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