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"IMSA transforms mathematics and science education through an integrative approach to teaching and learning. Advanced courses in mathematics, science, the arts and humanities emphasize connections within and across the disciplines. Students learn to integrate content and skills, demonstrating broad knowledge of important concepts. As apprentice investigators, students engage in individual and group research in all curricular areas. The Academy offered three program pathways for the class of 2001: the Core Program, Integrative Learning Experience (ILE), and Perspectives. Each pathway was designed to provide the same essential content and rigor but varied the instructional approach. The Core Program offered stand-alone courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, English, and Social Science. The Perspectives pathway also offered stand-alone courses but was supplemented by an integrative seminar which met once a week. The ILE pathway included an integrative three semester course encompassing biology, chemistry, physics and earth and space science."*

*Excerpt from the IMSA 2000 Profile

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