Face Jug


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Creation Date

Fall 2010

Course Name



Clay Sewell


Art and Design | Fine Arts


Ceramic, clay

Artist Statement

"This is my face jug for a class assignment in Ceramics. I originally wanted to make it a jug of someone in my family, but somehow Siddhartha Gautama emerged from my jug. I was trying to find a way to close my jug, and a round knob of clay appeared on the top. This reminded me of the statues of Buddha, since he has a knob on the top of his head. Even though China is politically atheist, many people are Buddhists and Buddhist influences can be seen in China's culture."

"I didn't want my ugly jug to be brightly colored; I wanted it to be reminiscent of a statue, a bit weathered or oxidized. So, I chose the bronze glaze for my jug. I expected a bit more variety in color for my jug, but the overall color looks nice. since the terra cotta used to make this jug was fired at higher temperatures, the glaze acted oddly. You can see this at one of the corners of the mouth. The glaze is bubbly and not smooth. At first I didn't like this imperfection, but now I think that it contributes to the effect that this jug is an aged statue."


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