The College and Academic Counselors (CACs) collaborate in the development and delivery of college application materials, financial aid, college admission testing, as well as all course selection and scheduling processes, academic counseling and intervention programs. CACs also serve on a support team with other academic, residential, and student life members.

The college planning process at IMSA is comprised of individual meetings with students and researching tools.

Financial aid plays a central and essential role in supporting post-secondary education by providing money for college to eligible students and families.


Academic and College Admissions Webinars

Advanced Placement exams: to Take or Not to Take?, Julia Husen

College Admissions 101, Julia Husen

Has my child applied to college yet?, Julia Husen

IMSA Course Selection Process, Julia Husen

Standardized Tests: which ones to take?, Julia Husen

Financial Aid Webinars

College Scholarships, Suzanne Speulda and Kara Molenhouse

Comparing Financial Aid packages, Suzanne Speulda and Kara Molenhouse

FAFSA Completion – Line by Line, Suzanne Speulda and Kara Molenhouse

Financial Aid Planning for College, Suzanne Speulda and Kara Molenhouse

How to choose a college you can afford, Suzanne Speulda and Kara Molenhouse