The IMSA library and the Instructional Technology and Media Center are excited to be sharing the 2021 Faces of IMSA exhibit with you in celebration of October's Global Diversity Awareness Month.

Over 150 community members were photographed; 69 photographs are exhibited on the walls of the library and all of the photographs are included in this virtual gallery.

IMSA is a place of acceptance and inclusion for community members, and we are proud to display photos that are diverse in more ways than one. We have modeled the Faces of IMSA display after the National Geographic “The Changing Faces of America” article. Let us celebrate all features of diversity.

Names Behind the Faces:
Photographer: Kevin Broy

Assistant Photographer: Gabriella Velazquez '22

Image Editing:  Bill McGrail

Exhibit Design and Installation:  Janelle Le Roy '24, Sahil Veeravalli '24, Vidyoot Senthilvenkatesh '24, jean bigger & Robert Schiltz

2021 Faces of IMSA online gallery: Ellen Guan '24 and Karina Byers '23

Thank you to all of the IMSA students, faculty, and staff who participated!

the IRC & ITMC

2021 Faces of IMSA

2021 Faces of IMSA

2021 Faces of IMSA

2021 Faces of IMSA