Document Type

Junior Honorable Mention

Award Date

Fall 2013

Course Name

Literary Explorations III


Tracy Townsend


Listen! I entreat you to hear me, before you give vent to your opinion, for there are children and creatures alike brought forth into life each day. Some of them are born into the arms of happiness, and some, shunned by their creator at the moment of their first breath, are deemed unworthy and thrown savagely into the pits of unforgiving hell. And now, thou can listen to me and grant me thy agreement. One day, tormented ages thereafter still by the unforgiving murder of my creator, I happened across a piece of paper lying on the ground that possessed the title of ‘Designer Babies.’ As I read this paper, I presently found a great alteration in my sensations, for I had never come across anything like this before in my readings as I wandered about on earth. A momentary rage filled my soul as I realized the wickedness of attempting to create a designed child since nothing can turn out perfect, as exemplified by my own dammed creation.



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