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Teacher Resource

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Learning Culture though French-Language Music - 3 projects


This unit is very flexible and allows for much student choice. Included are three student projects, each of which allow students to choose what they wish to explore. For the first project, students work alone, and simply research and informally present a French or French language artist or group. For the second project, pairs of students research a musical genre or a period of musical history, and present it to the class. The final project asks students to create a clip for an existing song and to critique the song itself. In between the projects, there are several options to build on learning. Students may learn idiomatic expressions that include music terms and the names of instruments, and then use them to present original skits. The instructor can show music videos and have students complete vocabulary building activities. And, students can read about France’s La fête de la musique.

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Secondary Education, French IV-V



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