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In the mid 1980s, the state of Illinois, recognizing a sharply increased need for highly skilled leaders in mathematics, science and technology, founded the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy®. Twenty years later, the national demand for mathematics, science and technology leaders has never been greater. The National Academies report - Rising Above the Gathering Storm and President Bush's American Competitiveness Initiative - address the growing concern that the United States is losing its competitive advantage as countries abroad invest heavily in the education and training of scientists and engineers. Both initiatives call for increased commitments in scientific research and in mathematics, science and technology education programs.

Illinois citizens can take pride in their visionary role in creating an innovative institution that has become one of the world's leaders in developing talent and leadership in mathematics, science and technology. Underlying our work is a dynamic design that prepares learners to be leaders in the 21st century. Our rapidly changing world - whether spurred by technology, shifting economic influences, diminishing natural resources or political transitions - calls for leaders who are bold inquirers, integrative thinkers, innovative problem solvers, resourceful inventors and imaginative futurists. This report illuminates the design of the "IMSA Way" and IMSA's strong returns to investors.


Editor: Jane St. Pierre, Marketing and Communications



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