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Donald Dosch, PhD; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


neurodevelopment, Notch signaling, embryogenesis


The vastly complex, delicate nature of the nervous system calls for a highly effective development system. The development of the nervous system begins early in embryogenesis and is one of the last systems to be completed after birth. Deemed to be one of the most important steps in the evolutionary progression towards sophisticated life, the pathways regulating neurodevelopment are highly specialized and conserved. Embryonic neurodevelopment is an important starting point for the understanding of brain anatomy, function, and its neurobiology. The past few decades have brought about numerous technological advancements allowing for the study of the earliest stages of embryonic development, further shedding light on the process that develops the most complex system known to man. This review aims to highlight major findings and provide a general understanding of neurodevelopment pertaining to crucial signaling pathways resulting in axial patterning and neurogenesis.



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