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Andrea Stuiber; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


The presence of Servant Leadership within our communities is undeniable; organizations such as The Container Store, Southwest Airlines, and Starbucks dominate our everyday lives, providing services that serve various communities within their own unique ways. However, what makes organizations based on Servant Leadership distinct and successful lies in both the impact and those running the organizations. Every employee, manager, or volunteer must maintain a certain connection to values and self-awareness, and be flexible and prepared for change in any work they do. This being said, internal motivations and desires always come second to the needs of the community being served, acknowledging that any positive impact, although not always visible, is valuable progress in serving the intended community. Although values, self- awareness, flexibility, and a commitment to service are often common in servant leaders across the world, there is no set list of characteristics or a defined mindset that all servant leaders hold, as servant leaders mold their work ethic and plans to the community to which they serve.



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