2020 Internship: Final Reports



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Blabl is an app that helps kids practice their speech through stories that are more child oriented and fun as they work on their speech and move through levels/maps in the game. The app also has an online dashboard that allows parents and speech language pathologists (SLP’s) to monitor and stay informed with their child’s performance. The focus of the business project was to research the market and audience that the company is appealing to. The company has provided opportunities to do market research and create marketing materials, along with opportunities to learn about how the app works, during the past summer. During the course of the business project, the company and its interns created a database of private speech clinics and cold called them to secure pilot programs with them. Interns also created a database of public schools across the country who may be potential clients. Interns also researched App Store Optimization to help determine the ways to improve our search results and create more downloads. In addition, interns created app screenshots to better advertise the app’s features on the App Store, in addition to creating new content. The most significant impact of these deliverables was improving the app’s image while also finding new and potential clients for the future.

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Ayan Agarwal; Blabl, Founder & CEO


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

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