2020 Internship: Final Reports
Comparing Methods of Initial Launches for TurnUP and Facebook


Comparing Methods of Initial Launches for TurnUP and Facebook



TurnUP Activism is creating a youth activism application that allows their users to engage with community activism within their area and connect with others who are interested in activism. The business is founded by incoming Harvard student Zev Shapiro, who was inspired by a number of social activist organizations and events. This company belongs in the Civic, Social and Youth Organizations industry as well as Social Networking Industry. It is a cross section of organizing activists through an online, mobile platform. As an intern in the company, I am assigned weekly tasks that relate to different aspects of the launch process. I learned how to efficiently find reliable sources, how to use many of the mass data handling functions on Excel and Google Sheets, and how to outreach and network digitally. Interns mostly focus on researching, sourcing, and outreaching to potential sponsors and partners who can help promote the application.While completing the internship, I also conducted a research project comparing the launching methods of TurnUP mobile app with that of Facebook’s website. This may help provide a clearer understanding of how to effectively take advantage of the society’s current status to launch new digital startups.

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Isabel Smith; TurnUP Activism, Marketing/Operations


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Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Comparing Methods of Initial Launches for TurnUP and Facebook