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CourseStars is an online tutoring company that caters to students from kindergarten all the way to college. The company has been focusing on community outreach, among several other things. They wanted to focus on some other aspects of their business more and needed more perspectives and hands in the company to do so. This summer, I was able to be one of those people for CourseStars and focus on many categories. Originally being taken on as a Marketing intern, it was my main focus. This included helping improve their branding, social media image, and overall outside appearance. A major part of improving CourseStar’s branding was adding a personalization questionnaire to the website so CourseStars tutors could better cater to the needs of the students as well as make the tutoring company unique from others since not only could parents choose their child’s tutor, but also have their child’s tutor know exactly how to teach their child based on the easy questions they’re answering. Other than marketing, my internship evolved into product research and development, data analytics, community/human resource management, and government.

At the start of the internship, instant questions were formed due to my first assignments and conversations with my supervisor. Will a more personalized approach to the CourseStars registration and tutoring experience cause deeper connections with customers and lead to more business? Does constant and consistent communication with the inner and outer community of CourseStars lead to a smoother experience with all parties involved? The questionnaire caused a spike of activity on the CourseStars website causing the results to show that a more personalized approach does connect more with the community and lead to more customers. Results showed that constant and consistent information with the outside community led to a smoother and more enjoyable outcome for both parties, but with the inner community the results seemed to be inconclusive.

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Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Multi-Phenomena Internship with CourseStars



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